Faculty Scholar Program

The vision of the CMCA is to expand on Icahn School of Medicine's current capacity to recruit URM faculty and increase their capability to develop themselves as successful researchers in academic medicine at MSSM. CMCA has developed a formal comprehensive faculty development program called the Faculty Scholars Program (FSP) which aims to develop underrepresented minority (URM) faculty and nurture their success in academic medicine. The FSP aims to increase the capability and expand the capacity of URM faculty by buying out protected time to develop URM faculty in the areas of research, teaching and education, service to the community, and clinical practice and professional leadership in academic medicine. All FSP activities are carried out through CMCA's Research and Development Unit.

The following describe various components of the Faculty Scholars Program:

  • Pre-Faculty Scholars Program (PFSP) for Post-Graduate Trainees: the Pre-Scholars Program (PFSP) enables the CMCA to identify and target post-graduate trainees from our increasingly diverse training programs, and foster their career development in academic medicine and ultimately be recruited as MSSM faculty via the FSP. We immerse these trainees faculty and research development activities to prepare them for academic positions, after which they will be encouraged to participate in the FSP. We provide these pre-faculty trainees support through research development activities, technical assistance, mentorship, and coaching through our Research Development Unit (RDU), network of research experts, CMCA affiliated mentors, and CMCA staff.

  • Individual Faculty Development Plans (IFDP): In 2004, the CMCA developed and launched an IFDP tailored for our Faculty Scholars. The IFDP guides URM faculty through the goal-setting process and is designed for use as part of faculty development activities and other components in the Faculty Scholars Program. The IFDP belongs to the Faculty Scholar and provides tools and forms that help them think through the general and specific issues they may be discussing with their mentor/coach, or negotiating with their division chief, their department chair or their faculty peers.

  • Faculty Scholar Individual Check-In: All Faculty Scholars participating with CMCA are provided with an IFDP and have individual team meetings every 4 to 6 weeks with RDU to develop and execute a plan for career advancement and promotion.

  • Individualized Just in Time Education (I-JITE): Some of our faculty members may require specific research skills prior to learning them in a course or during a research project. The RDU works one-on one with each Faculty Scholar at various stages throughout their projects. This includes directing them, navigating them to more junior level projects, providing one-on-one tutorials or identifying experts to assist with research topics, methodology, and analysis. I-JITE allows the RDU to supplement the support our faculty scholars receive from their clinical/research mentors.

  • Faculty Development Seminars & Workshops: We coordinate and offer faculty development training workshops on the basis of need and areas within which to enhance research skills. CMCA often partners with the Office of Women's Careers, Office of Academic Enhancement and Mentoring, Institute for Medical Education to carry career development activities.

  • URM Student Recruitment, Outreach and Mentorship: Each Faculty Scholar assists in CMCA outreach and recruitment efforts targeting students under-represented in medicine. Faculty Scholars are also required to be available for mentorship and guidance of URM medical students.

Current and Past Faculty Scholars

2009-2012 Cohort In Formation:

Marlaina M. Norris, MD
Anne L. Maitland, MD, PhD
Pilar Cohen-Haynes, MD
Aboaba A. A. Afliaka, MD, MPH
Gallane Abraham, MD
Stephanie H. Hernandez, MD
Caroline Cromwell, MD
Alicia Hurtado, MD
Kirk Campbell, MD
Camille O. Napier, MD
Tameisha Frempong, MD, MPH
Jonathan Cohen, DVM

Previous Faculty Scholars:

Helen M. Fernandez, MD MPH
Desiree A. Byrd, PhD
Monica Rivera Mindt, PhD
Xavier Perez, MD
Maria I. Zapata-Vega, MD
Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, MD, MSc
Albert G. Thomas, MD, MSc
Adam Aponte, MD MSc
Linda P. Williams, MD, MSc
Kirk Campbell, MD

Pre-Faculty Scholars:

Jessica A. Reid-Adam
La Tronya McCullum, PhD
Ingrid Walker-Descartes, MD, MPH
Evelyn Berger, MD, MPH
Mara Minguez, MD, MPH
Terri-ann Samuels, MD

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