Featured Profiles

The Diversity in Biomedical Research Council (DBRC) works with faculty, students and administrators to develop sustainable strategies that promote diversity in biomedical research. The following profiles highlight a few of the talented individuals we have worked with.

Senior Faculty


lynne richardson Lynne D. Richardson, MD, FACEP
Dr. Lynne D. Richardson is Professor of Emergency Medicine, Professor of Health Evidence & Policy, and Vice Chair for Academic, Research and Community Programs of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York City.

Junior Faculty




Sharon Batista, MD
Dr. Sharon Batista is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry with a research focus in understanding the relationships between mental illness, especially addictive disorders, and severe and complex medical illness.
lynne richardson Kirk Campbell, MD
Dr. Campbell is a nephrologist who conducts research in cell and animal models to elucidate the basic mechanisms promoting podocyte injury.



lynne richardson

Sarah Ann Anderson, PhD
Sarah is a 7th year MD/PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Yasmin Hurd, where her and others focus on investigating the neurobiological interface of heroin addiction with negative mood disorders.



Noel Warren Noël Warren
Noël is a PhD candidate in the laboratory of Dr. Nikolaos Robakis, where she and others investigate the genetics and function of proteins associated with the familial form of Alzheimer's Disease (FAD).