Drug Discovery News - Cancer Research Portal Exclusive: Flying In The Face Of Convention

 – June 22, 2012  –– 

Some of the latest research from Mount Sinai School of Medicine has resulted in the creation of a new avenue of approach in discovering cancer treatments. Based off of a cancer model built in Drosophila fruit flies, researchers developed an investigational compound, AD80, that can precisely target multiple cancer genes. Some drugs end up being polypharmacologic by happenstance, targeting more than one gene almost as a side effect, but according to Ross L. Cagan, Ph.D., professor and associate dean at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, drugs created through ‘rational polypharmacology,’ intentionally targeting multiple genes, have yet to hit the market. “Many successful drugs now in the marketplace have, by chance, wound up hitting several tumor targets, which is probably why they work,” said Dr. Cagan.
- Dr. Ross L. Cagan, Associate Dean Of The Graduate School Of Biological Sciences, Professor Developmental and Regenerative Biology, Oncological Sciences, and Ophthalmology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
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