HealthDay - Meds May Spur Compulsive Behaviors in Some Parkinson's Patients: Study

 – January 7, 2013  –– 

Even though some Parkinson's disease patients undergo psychological changes where they may suddenly take up gambling or compulsive eating or shopping, the cause is likely the medications they are taking and not the disease itself, a new study shows. "An interesting question is whether susceptibility to impulse control disorders development on Parkinson's disease medication is due to Parkinson’s disease, or other risk factors such as genetics," said Dr. Barbara Kelly Changizi, co-director of the Center for Neuromodulation at The Mount Sinai Medical Center. "That is, if healthy people were given high doses of dopamine agonists, would they develop impulse control disorders at the same rate as people with Parkinson's?"
- Dr. Barbara Kelly Changizi, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Co-Director for the Center for Neuromodulation, The Mount Sinai Medical Center
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