NYC Restaurateurs Serving Up Breakfast at Midnight

 – May 6, 2015  –– 

The line, somewhat unexpectedly, ran down West 118th Street. The lure? Breakfast. Of the ham-and-sunnyside-up-egg-with-fig-jelly-on-a-biscuit variety. In other words: carbohydrate and nostalgia-rich, American-style comfort. "If you think about the best breakfast you ever had it was probably a holiday, event, or pancakes-every-morning vacation," said Nicole Avena, PhD, a neuroscientist at The Mount Sinai Hospital who studies the psychology of how food affects the brain. "It resonates. You build an association, the pleasure of the experience. You want to engage in that again."

- Nicole Avena, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology and Systems Therapeutics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai