PsychCentral - Three New Genes Found to Influence Autism

 – April 5, 2012  –– 

Autism is believed to be influenced by genetic aberrations and perhaps environmental influences. A new study has identified that mutations in three particular genes are linked to autism. “We now have a good sense of the large number of genes involved in autism and have discovered about 10 percent of them,” said Joseph Buxbaum, PhD of Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “We need to study many more parents and their affected children if we are to uncover the genes important in ASD. As these genes are further characterized, this will lead to earlier diagnosis and novel drug development. This work is crucial for advancing autism treatment.”
- Dr. Joseph Buxbaum, Professor, Psychiatry, Genetics and Genomic Sciences, Neuroscience, Director of the Seaver Autism Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
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