Scientific American - Obama’s War on Alzheimer’s: Will We Be Able to Treat the Disease by 2025?

 – January 31, 2012  –– 

Government declarations of war on drugs or disease often end in losing battles. That’s why the news that the Obama Administration’s drafting of a plan that targets 2025 as a goal for preventing or treating Alzheimer’s met with skepticism in some quarters. “No one set a deadline for the ‘War on cancer’ or in the fight against HIV/AIDS. We make progress and we keep fighting. The same should be true for Alzheimer’s,” Dr. Sam Gandy, an Alzheimer’s researcher at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “In my mind, that provides the unfortunate sense that we will have ‘failed’ if we don’t have a cure by 2025.”
- Dr. Sam Gandy, Professor, Neurology, Psychiatry, Associate Director of the Mount Sinai Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
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