What Is Iboga? Psychedelic Drug Scott Disick Will Take at Rehab Isn't Cure-All for Addiction, Say Experts

 – March 18, 2015  –– 

Scott Disick is getting high to beat his addictions. The Costa Rican rehab that the 31-year-old reality star has called home since early this week specializes in treatment using the iboga plant, a hallucinatory African rainforest shrub. The plant-based hallucinogen hasn’t been studied enough to merit a sterling reputation, says Harris Stratyner, PhD, a psychiatrist at The Mount Sinai Hospital and vice president of Caron Treatment Centers. “To put somebody in a psychedelic dream state, I just have difficulty doing that until things are studied,” he told The News. “If this is such a miracle psychedelic, how come it isn't the big cure all over the (world)?”

- Harris Stratyner, PhD, Associate Clinical Professor, Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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