Fit Kids February: Concussions in Children

 – February 11, 2015  –– 

There are different schools of thought on how children and teens should be treated for concussions. At the heart of the dilemma, just how much rest kids should get after a concussion and when they should return to school. It’s agreed that rest should follow a concussion, but how much rest and for how long are still being explored by head-trauma experts. "There’s a wide variation in both the way that kids are treated in the return to learn, so returning to school after a concussion, and also return to play, returning to sports and other activities after concussion,” says Joshua Cohen, MD, a neurologist at Mount Sinai Roosevelt. This spring Cohen and other experts in the concussion field and in education, hope to provide good evidence-based guidelines for how to manage a child after concussion, starting with a conference at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

- Dr. Joshua Cohen, Assistant Professor, Neurology, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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