App Promises to Get Rid of Your Reading Glasses - Sapna Parikh

 – December 13, 2013  –– 

As we all age, the lens of the eye stiffens, making things blurry up close.  A new iPhone app called “Glasses Off,” claims to lessen, or eliminate, the need for reading glasses by taking the user through a series of visual exercises focused on Gabor, a tiny fuzzy image that the company claims will improve the way your brain interprets the fuzzy images.  However, Jay Wisnicki, MD, Ophthalmologist at Beth Israel Medical Center, says “I don’t think this is something I can recommend because my job is to give someone perfect vision.”  He says there is some truth the science of perceptual learning, but it won’t improve clarity and he asks, “Would you want the person who’s flying the airplane to be able to recognize a blurred image better or to have the proper glasses to perfectly see their control?”
-Dr. Jay Wisnicki, Ophthalmologist, Beth Israel Medical Center
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