WABC-TV - Botox Helps Musician Suffering from Spasm

New York, NY
 – August 15, 2012  –– 

It’s called musician’s dystonia, one type of dystonia or uncontrolled muscle spasms. The disease is rare and even some doctors might not be aware of it. Doctors at Mount Sinai are treating the disease with Botox and that has allowed one pianist to resume his passion of playing music. “What’s new is the appreciation that in the right hands and with the right technique, this can dramatically help selected patients,” said Dr. Steven Frucht from The Mount Sinai Medical Center. Dr. David Simpson from Mount Sinai uses mild electric pulses to locate the correct nerve and then injects the Botox. “I can both stimulate the muscle and inject the Botox directly through the same needle,” said Dr. Simpson.

- Dr. Steve Frucht, Professor, Neurology, Director of Movement Disorders in the Robert and John M. Bendheim Parkinson and Movement Disorders Center, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

- Dr. David M. Simpson, Professor, Neurology, Director of the Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratories and Director of the Neuro-AIDS Program, The Mount Sinai Medical Center

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