Career Management

Conflict Management and Negotiation

  • How to Ask Your Chair for a Raise
    Victor L. Schuster, MD
    Chairman, Department of Medicine
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    Montefiore Medical Center
    Bronx, NY

  • Babcock L, Laschever S., Women don't ask: Negotiation and the gender divide. Princeton University Press, 2003

    "... Should be read by anyone with a fear of negotiating, male or female, and by managers who want a better understanding of how 47 percent of the work force confronts the workplace…. The book also has a more revolutionary goal: to change the social context in which bargaining takes place, so the world becomes accepting of women who ask."

    —Alan Krueger, NY Times, August 21, 2003

  • Nine Tips on Successful Negotiation, July 2000

  • Conflict Management
    Lynne D. Richardson, MD, FACEP
    Vice Chair and Residency Director
    Department of Emergency Medicine
    MSSM, May 2002

  • Salary Negotiation. Julie Theriot, February 2003

  • MSSM Basic Science Compensation Plan

  • A Closer Look at Resolving Conflict
    Susyn Reeve, MEd
    Organization and Personal Development Consultant
    Organization Development and Learning, Apr 2001

  • Negotiations: How to Get What You Want and What You Need
    Gary Rosenberg, PhD
    Division Chief, Behavioral Sciences and Social Work
    Department of Community and Preventive Medicine, MSSM, Dec 2000

  • You Don't Have to Shout to Be Heard. W. Sue Shafer and Rick Shafer, July 2001

Time Management

Academic Development and Advancement

Funding Strategies

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