Institute for Medical Education (IME)

The Institute for Medical Education provides a home base for teachers and a visible, mechanism to support and enhance all educational programs and teaching faculty at Icahn School of Medicine. Its mission is to:

  • Develop a cadre of faculty skilled in medical and health sciences education throughout the MSSM community
  • Promote educational scholarship among those whose primary care focus is in the area of education
  • Encourage and structure opportunities for curricular and teaching innovation for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing medical education
  • Sponsor events that highlight the value of education in the life of MSSM and its affiliated institution
  • Mentor teaching faculty in order to foster professional development and academic advancement

Faculty Development Through the IME

The Institute’s long-term goal is to create opportunities for faculty development at the level of the entire teaching community, as well as a particular level of training and through customized one-on–one experiences. New opportunities are listed regularly.

Currently these include:

  • Educational Leadership Conference
  • The Resident Teaching Development Program
  • Teach the Teacher
  • Teacher Appreciation Day