Advice from Expert Mentors

Academic Development and Advancement

Notes from the Clinician and/or Educator Track Panel. Panelists: Drs. George Atweh, David Reich, Larry Smith, Klaude Weiss, and Mary Wolff. Presentation given at June 2004 MSSM WFG meeting.

MSSM 2003: Appointment and Promotion Guidelines for Academic,Research, Clinician/Educator, and Voluntary Faculty [PDF] Penny Asbell, VP for Clinical, Appointments and Promotions Committee, Professor of Ophthalmology. Presentation given at May 2003 MSSM WFG meeting.

Study Section Service: An Introduction, Frank Solomon. Column from April 2003 Women in Cell Biology.

What I learned from the AAMC Junior Faculty Development Program Annabel K. Wang, M.D., Assistant Professor of Neurology. Presentation given at February 2001 MSSM WFG meeting.

Appointments and Promotions: Demystifying the process at MSSM Ruth G. Abramson, Vice-Chair, MSSM Appointments and Promotions Committee, Professor of Medicine. Presentation given at May 2000 MSSM WFG meeting.

Alternative Career Paths Tailoring a path in academic medicine to suit your own personal needs. Susan Spear, M.D., Exec VP, Physician Partners Co., NY Presbyterian Health Care Network. Presentation given at April 2001 MSSM WFG meeting.

Your Career Plan..., Bill Lindstaedt. Column from 03/01/2007 Women in Cell Biology

*The final version of the experts' presentations have been edited by Sandra K. Masur, Ph.D.(WFG President), Miki Rifkin, Ph.D.(WFG Vice President) often from notes of Kathryn Kaplan, Ph.D.,MSSM Consultant, Organizational Development.

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