Advice from Expert Mentors

Funding Strategies

So, What Are Specific Aims? [PDF], A Grantsmanship Seminar by Israel A. Goldberg, Ph.D., Health Research Associates, Rockville MD, March 2005

Your Grant Application: How does the NIH Study Section evaluate it, Summary of insights from study section members: Terry Krulwich, Sandy Masur, Lilly Ossowski and Karen Zier. Presentation given at January 2002 MSSM WFG meeting.

Responding to the NIH Summary Statement, Sally Ann Amero and Marcia Steinberg. Column from April 2002 Women in Cell Biology.

Business Planning — What, why, how, when, Margaret Pastuszko, M.B.A.. Presentation given at May 2001 MSSM WFG meeting.

Revising Your NIH Grant Application, Lakshmi A. Devi and Lloyd D. Fricker. Column from 01/01/2007 Women in Cell Biology.

*The final version of the experts' presentations have been edited by Sandra K. Masur, Ph.D.(WFG President), Miki Rifkin, Ph.D.(WFG Vice President) often from notes of Kathryn Kaplan, Ph.D.,MSSM Consultant, Organizational Development.

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