Advice from Expert Mentors

People Management

How to Inspire Gary Rosenberg, Ph.D., Division Chief, Behavioral Sciences and Social Work Department of Community and Preventive Medicine. Presentation given at April 2004 MSSM WFG meeting.

How to Hire and How to Fire Gary Rosenberg, Ph.D. Presentation given at December 2003 MSSM WFG meeting. Also see Employment Interviews from Bill Innes, Director, Human Resources.

Conflict Management Lynne D. Richardson, M.D., F.A.C.E.P. Vice Chair and Residency Director, Department of Emergency Medicine. Presentation given at May 2002 MSSM WFG meeting.

Salary Negotiation by Julie Theriot. Column from February 2003 Women in Cell Biology.

How to Ask Your Chair for a Raise, Victor L. Schuster and Sandra K. Masur, Column from 07/01/2006 Women in Cell Biology.

A closer look at resolving conflict Sysan Reeve, M.Ed., Organization and Personal Development Consultant, Organization Development and Learning. Presentation given at April 2001 MSSM WFG meeting.

Negotiations: How to get what you want and what you need Gary Rosenberg, Ph.D., Senior VP, The Mount Sinai Health System. Presentation given at December 2000 MSSM WFG meeting.

*The final version of the experts' presentations have been edited by Sandra K. Masur, Ph.D.(WFG President), Miki Rifkin, Ph.D.(WFG Vice President) often from notes of Kathryn Kaplan, Ph.D.,MSSM Consultant, Organizational Development.

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