Advice from Expert Mentors

Publications and Presentations

Authorship and Attribution: Wrongs, Rights and Rewards Margaret McGovern, M.D., Ph.D. Presentation given at May 2002 MSSM WFG meeting.

Writing Papers in a Timely Fashion Panel participants: Kathy Borden, Curt Horvath, Rosanne Leipzig, Leslie Pick, and Albert Siu. Presentation given at a November 2002 MSSM WFG meeting.

How to Read and Respond to a Journal Rejection Letter, Vivian Siegel and Zena Werb. Column from August 2002 Women in Cell Biology.

The Role of an Editor: A Delicate Balancing Act, by Randy Schekman. Column from May 2002 Women in Cell Biology.

Dos and Don'ts of Poster Presentation, Steven M. Block. Column from October 2002 Women in Cell Biology.

Executive Presentation Skills Barbara Boltax, Consultant. Presentation given at November 2001 MSSM WFG meeting.

Me Write Pretty One Day: How to Write a Good Scientific Paper, William A. Wells. Column from 05/01/2004 Women in Cell Biology 05/01/2004.

Delivering an Effective Scientific Lecture, Randy Schekman. Column from 02/01/2006 Women in Cell Biology.

Approaching the Critical Task of Peer Review, Sandra Schmid. Column from 09/01/2006 Women in Cell Biology.

How to Write an Effective Review, Ryoko Kuriyama. Column from 06/01/2004 Women in Cell Biology.

*The final version of the experts' presentations have been edited by Sandra K. Masur, Ph.D.(WFG President), Miki Rifkin, Ph.D.(WFG Vice President) often from notes of Kathryn Kaplan, Ph.D.,MSSM Consultant, Organizational Development.

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