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Links to Meetings, Activities/Products including Women in Medicine Update published quarterly since 1987; Periodic surveys of WLO's activities as basis for publication of Enhancing the Environment for Women in Academic Medicine: Resources and Pathways, Bickel, J., Croft, K., and Marshall, R. (Washington, DC: AAMC, October 1996); Executive Development Resources and Increasing Women's Leadership in Academic Medicine Initiative

The Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM)

The nation's only in-depth program focused on preparing senior women faculty at schools of medicine, dentistry and public health to move into positions of institutional leadership where they can effect positive change.

ELAM's year-long program develops the professional and personal skills required to lead and manage successfully in today's complex healthcare environment, with special attention to the unique challenges facing women in leadership positions. Contact Sandra Masur via E-mail at sandra.masur@mssm.edu if you are interesting in applying.

NTL Institute

Personal and Professional Development for Women: Leaders for the New Millennium. One of many offerings in managerial effectiveness and better interpersonal skills offered through NTL Institute. This program focuses on identifying and eliminating self-diminishing behaviors and learning effective ways to present oneself as a powerful individual.

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