George D. Yancopoulos

President & CSO, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

George D. Yancopoulos, M.D., Ph.D., joined Regeneron in 1989 as its Scientific Founder and is currently the President and Chief Scientific Officer of Regeneron. He received his M.D. and Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics from Columbia University. In the 1990s, Dr. Yancopoulos was the 11th most highly cited scientist in the world, and in 2004 he was elected to both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Sciences. Dr. Yancopoulos, together with key members of his team, is a principal inventor and developer of Regeneron's four FDA-approved drugs - PRALUEN"f® (alirocumab} Injection, EYLEA® (aflibercept} Injection, ZALTRAP® (ziv-aflibercept} Injection for Intravenous Infusion, and ARCALYS"f® (rilonacept} Injection -as well as of Regeneron's foundational technologies for target and drug development, such as its proprietary TRAP technology, VelociGene® and Veloclmmune®. These technologies have produced Regeneron's robust pipeline of fully human antibodies targeting cholesterol-lowering, rheumatoid arthritis, atopic dermatitis, asthma, pain, cancer and infectious diseases. In 2014, Dr. Yancopoulos and his team launched the Regeneron Genetics Center, a major new initiative in human genetic research that has already sequenced exomes from over 120,000 people.