Get a Sneak Peek PBS's Frontline documentary, Facing Death, before it airs in late November

In Facing Death PBS's Frontline examines "the realities of today's modern, medicalized death" in the ICU of The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

 – November 16, 2010 /Press Release/  –– 

In Facing Death, FRONTLINE gains extraordinary access to The Mount Sinai Medical Center, taking a closer measure of today's complicated end-of-life decisions.

The film allows you to listen to doctors, patients and families speak candidly about the difficult choices they face at the end of life.

Scott Lorin, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine and Acting Division Chief of the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, was interviewed for the documentary. He commented on the sensitivity in using the words "die" or "death." He said, "when it's unclear what's going to happen to the patient, we teach our residents to tell the families that the patient "may die," not to use terms like "may not survive the hospitalization," ... but actually [use] the term death, because what we need to do is prepare the family what may be an eventuality."

Facing Death is receiving great praise and should not be missed. View the full documentary before it airs on PBS on November 23rd.