Fellow Conferences

Mount Sinai Hospital 
Daily Morning Conference Schedule

Monday CCU Clinical Conference
Tuesday Cath / EPS / Cath / M&M Clinical Conference
Wednesday Imaging / CVI Conference / Advanced Core Curriculum
Thursday Bedside Rounds with Dr. Fuster / Advanced Core Curriculum
Friday Journal Club / Research


  • Throughout the summer, there is a "basic" Core Curriculum on most mornings devoted to such topics as acute coronary syndromes, valvular heart disease, arrhythmias, antiarrhythmic devices, congestive heart failure, nuclear cardiology, echocardiography, hemodynamics, cardiac catheterization, mechanical cardiac support, cardiac rehabilitation and lipid management. The conference schedule above resumes after the summer.

  • Each Monday, the CCU fellow is responsible for presenting one or two instructive cases. The fellow selects the cases with support from the attending. The fellow and the attending of the month are responsible for preparing a handout including a bibliography, presenting the case and leading a discussion based on the literature.

  • On alternate Tuesdays, the Cardiac Cath Lab presents cases with an eye towards instruction or presenting new literature data. One Tuesday per month is used for Electrophysiology presentations with the same idea as Cath Conference. The last Tuesday of the month is reserved for Quality Assurance and Morbidity/Mortality Conference.

  • On alternate Wednesdays, there is Imaging Conference (fellows and faculty present material from Echo, Nuclear, MRI laboratories; often comparing modalities). Once per month, the CVI conference gathers adult and pediatric cardiologists with cardiothoracic surgeons for an interdisciplinary discussion of a clinical case or new horizons in treatment. • On many Thursdays, Dr. Fuster makes bedside rounds on patients selected by the fellows for presentation and discussion.

  • The Advanced Core Curriculum fills in for other conferences on some Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

  • On alternate Fridays, a fellow leads the Journal Club in analyzing a clinical or basic science article. The other Fridays are for a research conference in which staff and fellows present work in progress, alternating between basic and clinical endeavors. 

Cardiology Grand Rounds are held on Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm. In addition, one Monday each month the Controversies in Cardiology are held. 

Fellows at all three hospitals are expected to attend the Core Curriculum and Controversies series. 

Other Weekly Conferences

  • ECG Conference
  • Clinical Conference with Dr. Meller
  • Joint Pediatric Cardiology (Adult, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic Surgery) 

Bi-Weekly Conferences

  • Epidemiology / Statistics / Analysis of Trials 

Monthly Conferences

  • Cardiac Pathology Conference
  • Clinical Conference with Dr. Halperin 

Annual Conference

  • American College of Cardiology Consultant’s Course in Cardiology (by Dr. Fuster) 

Elmhurst Hospital Center 
Daily Morning Conference Schedule

Monday Nuclear / EPS / Echo / Cath / Hemodynamics
Tuesday Echo
Wednesday ECG / Clinical Conference (often with ER staff)
Thursday Grand Rounds
Friday Cardiothoracic / Interventional / Journal Club


There is daily morning report, detailing admissions and clinical problems. All of the clinical laboratories have regular reading sessions. In addition, Dr. Rubinstein (local program director) holds informal teaching conferences related to cardiovascular physiology and pathophysiology, supplemented by review of recent journal manuscripts or publications. During the summer, there is an accelerated "basic" Core Curriculum, akin to that described above at Mount Sinai Hospital. 

Fellows on rotations at Elmhurst Hospital Center attend Cardiology Grand Rounds at Mount Sinai Heart.