Repository and Tissue Procurement Core

The Department has one of the nation's largest repositories of human tumor and other cell lines. Cell lines are made available to Mount Sinai investigators without charge for cancer related studies.

The Tissue Procurement Core, in conjunction with Surgical Pathology and authorized by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), obtains tissues that are otherwise resected for medical purposes. The major resource available for this task is a skilled technologist who will work with surgeons, investigators, and pathologists to process acquired tissue to maximize its scientific value without compromising diagnostic processing. The Tissue Procurement Core is available to Mount Sinai investigators involved in peer-reviewed grant or institutionally funded cancer-related projects. Requests may be considered for limited support of non-funded pilot studies, which are aimed at developing preliminary data for cancer relevant grant proposals. The Department currently has banked more than 400 anonoymized human tumor tissues, which have been rapidly frozen and stored cryogenically.

Use of banked tumor tissue requires submission of a Tissue Utilization Request Form. Generally, banked tissues are available as frozen sections. Projects must be IRB approved and also require approval of a tissue use committee. In conjunction with the Department of Pathology and with IRB approval, archived specimens can be provided. There is a nominal charge for time involved in preparation of tissue sections (see Histo-Immunology Service).

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