About Us

The Department of Preventive Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is internationally renowned for excellence in community health; epidemiology; environmental pediatrics; preventive medicine and occupational medicine.

Our mission is to promote good health, prevent disease, and protect the environment in the many communities that Mount Sinai serves.

The Department consists of six divisions:

The Department of Preventive Medicine is deeply committed to training the next generation of leaders in public health and preventive medicine. We provide interdisciplinary training in epidemiology, occupational medicine, environmental pediatrics, and general preventive medicine to medical students, MPH students, residents, and fellows. Through innovative curriculum and individualized faculty mentorship, our students are trained to treat workers exposed to occupational hazards, to treat children exposed to environmental toxins, and to guide the development of sustainable and healthy communities.

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Andrea King-Vilaro
Tel: 212-824-7046

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