Frequently Asked Questions

I graduated from my degree program in May last year. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Recent graduates are those who graduated no earlier than May of the year before the application is submitted.

What is the definition of an underrepresented minority used in this Program?

The definition of underrepresented minority adopted by this Program includes the following groups: African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, and rural Appalachians.

My semester does not end until June 15 and I have to return to school for a mandatory orientation session on August 24. Am I eligible to apply?

No. You must commit an entire 12 weeks to the program. If you would like us to consider you for another 12-week period (such as July – September, and so on), then please e-mail us with details about your specific situation.

I am currently studying physics (or math, or business, or Spanish, or Portuguese, and so on). Am I eligible to apply to the Program?

Yes, if your skills can be directly applied to biomedical or health sciences.

I am an MPH student. Am I eligible to apply?


I am a postdoctoral student. Am I eligible to apply?


May I choose the country and project to which I am assigned?

No. The Program matches students to projects/countries based on research interests and skills.

I have no research experience, but am very interested in research. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Research experience is not required.

I am an international student studying in the United States am I eligible to apply?

No. Applicants must be US citizens, non-citizen nationals or permanent residents.

Are students who are not in the "hard sciences" eligible to apply?

Yes. Students in areas such as public health, social work, education, anthropology, and so on are welcome to apply.

Is there a form the writer of my recommendation should fill out?

No, just have him/her e-mail, fax, or mail in the letter. Letters must be signed and on institution letterhead.

If accepted, my friend and I would like to be placed together. Is this possible?

It is not likely, since the Program matches students to projects/countries based on research interests and skills.

Where should I include poster presentations on the application form?

Please include poster presentations under conference presentations (question 6 on application form).

If I am a graduate student, should I send in my undergraduate transcript?

No, please send only your graduate transcript. If we require your undergraduate transcripts, we will contact you directly.

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