Improving PTSD Outcomes in OIF/OEF Returnees: A Randomized Clinical Trial of Hydrocortisone Augmentation

ID Number 10-1039

Contact Information
Nikita Agrawal
Tel: 718-741-4000 x5183

This study is identical to the study “Cortisol Augmentation of Psychological Treatment in Warfighters with PTSD” with the following exceptions:

  • Only veterans who are OEF/OIF/OND returnees can participate in this treatment study
  • Additional blood samples will be collected at each time point to evaluate whether Biomarkers for PTSD (see description below) change in connection with changes in PTSD symptoms

Eligible participants will receive 10 weekly sessions of PE therapy and given a low dose of either hydrocortisone or placebo 20 minutes prior to PE sessions 3-10. You will be compensated for your time and travel up to $315, and you will not be charged for the Prolonged Exposure treatment.

Your participation in this study will help us identify whether this simple method is effective enough in improving treatment results to be widely applied to people suffering from PTSD.

Please call Nikita Agrawal at 718-741-4000 x5183 if you are interested in participating or have any questions.