Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship

The Mount Sinai Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship Program is a 12-month, ACGME accredited fellowship dedicated to training and mentoring clinicians and academicians in Geriatric Psychiatry. The Program provides advanced, comprehensive training in multiple facets of the psychiatry of later life.

Mount Sinai’s Geropsychiatry Division is endowed with a wealth of academic opportunities organized for the purpose of training fellows. Trainees are exposed to experiences specifically tailored to maximize educational content and breadth of patient exposure; the fellowship includes community and hospital-based outpatient as well as acute and long-term inpatient care settings. The fellow interacts and learns from colleagues in the Departments of Geriatrics and Adult Development , Rehabilitation Medicine, and Neurology, and the Palliative Care Institute. The fellows have extensive supervision and mentoring, but are also expected to be self motivated and teach not only residents in general psychiatry, but also interact with house staff and members of other disciplines as expert consultant.

Fellowship Goals

  • To develop clinical expertise in the multidisciplinary care of geriatric psychiatric patients in a variety of settings (inpatient, outpatient, skilled nursing facilities, medial units, community)
  • To develop teaching and team leadership skills
  • To become familiar with and proficient in evaluating the geriatric psychiatry literature from an evidence based medicine perspective
  • To become familiar with the design and implementation of clinical research currently in progress at Mount Sinai


Current Alzheimer's Disease Research Center (ADRC) study topics include pharmacology, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neuropathology, molecular biology and genetics.  ECT research protocols include an NIMH-funded multicenter trial of maintenance ECT.  

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