Seventh Schwartz Lecture, 2007, Kurt Wuthrich, PhD
ETH Zurich
"Protein NMR in Structural Biology and Structural Genomics"

Sixth Schwartz Lecture, 2006, Roger Kornberg, PhD
Stanford university School of Medicine
"Chromatin and Transcription"

Fifth Schwartz Lecture, 2005, Stephen C. Harrison, PhD
Harvard Medical School
"Structural Biology of Viral Entry Into Cells"

Fourth Schwartz Lecture, 2000, Richard N. Bergman, PhD
University of Southern California
"Pathogenesis and Prediction of Diabetes: Lessons from Integrative Physiology"

Third Schwartz Lecture, 1998, Wayne L. Hubbell, MD, PhD
University of California at Los Angeles

Second Schwartz Lecture, 1995, Charles F. Stevens, MD, PhD
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
"Reliable Brains from Unreliable Neurons"

First Schwartz Lecture, 1993, Albert J. Hudspeth, MD, PhD
University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center
"How Hearing Happens: Frequently Tunning, and Synaptic Transmission by Hair Cells of the Internal Ear"