Foreign National Observership Program

Priority is given to Fellows and Residents currently participating in a training program.

Please contact the RMTI Education Coordinator to request an application form.

Do not contact the Program Director or Faculty with inquiries.

Application Process

In addition to the Application form, the following needs to be submitted for consideration:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Résumé)
  • Personal statement outlining your career goals and how a Transplant Observership will help you achieve those goals (max. 500 words)
  • Medical Diploma (Translated into English if degree is written in a Foreign Language)
  • Medical License (Translated into English if license is written in a Foreign Language)
  • If Medical Student, Observer should submit a letter from home institution indicating that Observer is in good standing (written by a faculty member).

    Note: Applicants must be enrolled in at least an undergraduate program
  • If Faculty member, Observer should submit an employment verification letter confirming that Observer is in good standing (this may be provided in lieu of a medical diploma)
  • Letter of recommendation (this must be provided by a director or manager with whom the Observer has or is currently working with closely)
  • Letter from personal physician indicating that Observer is free of any communicable diseases (For EHS clearance)
  • PPD results - should be within 3 months of coming to Mount Sinai
  • MMR titers - should be within 5 years of coming to Mount Sinai
  • Toxicology Clearance — applies if participation will exceed 30 days
  • Copy of Biographical page from Passport.

    Note: passport must be valid beyond 6 months
  • Copy of I-94 Arrival/Departure card
  • Copy of Visa (If the Observer has it in their passport – Visa Waiver participants and Canadians are visa exempt)
  • Proof of valid health insurance during entire stay in the US

Application Deadline

A completed application must be received no later than 3 months before requested start date. Applications are reviewed once a month.

Contact Us

Elsa Myers
Education Coordinator
Tel: 212-659-8522
Fax: 646-537-9356
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