Faculty and Staff

Program Leadership

Janice L. Gabrilove, MD
Professor of Medicine & Oncological Sciences
Program Director
Co-Program Director, PORTAL
E-mail: janice.gabrilove@mssm.edu

Alan Moskowitz, MD
Professor & Vice Chair, Health Evidence and Policy
Program Co-Director
E-mail: alan.moskowitz@mountsinai.org

Karen Zier, PhD
Professor of Medicine (Clinical Immunology) and Medical Education
Program Director, PORTAL
E-mail: karen.zier@mssm.edu

Administrative Staff

Fatima Nabizada-Pace 
Program Administrator – Clinical Research Education Program 
17 East 102nd Street, CAM Building 
Box 1044
Tel: (212) 824-7264 
Fax: 212-824-2327 
In-house extension: 5–7264 
E-mail: Fatima.nabizada-pace@mssm.edu 

Christine Acevedo
Administrative Assistant
17 East 102nd Street, CAM Building
Box 1044
Tel: (212)-824-7014
Fax: 212-824-2327
In-house extension: 5–7014
E-mail: christine.acevedo@mssm.edu

Administrative Staff for PORTAL

Alecia A. Williams
Program Coordinator
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
Department of Medical Education, Box 1255
Tel: (212) 241-8317
Fax: (212) 241-4288
Email: alecia.williams@mssm.edu