How to Apply

Applicants for the program must hold a bachelors degree or a professional degree (MD, DMD, PharmD, RN, NP, MSW) or basic science PhD from a U.S.-accredited institution, or be currently enrolled in a basic science PhD program.

Application Process

Students who wish to enroll for the PhD, MSCR, CRTP and Non-matriculation (non-degree), please complete the application offered in the link provided below.

Deadline for Submission

Applications will be considered from May 15 through August 15 for entry into the upcoming Academic Year.

Tuition in 2011 is $800 per credit for Masters courses and $1,024 per credit for PhD courses.

Please see our Tuition and Financial Aid pages for more information. 

Application Process for PORTAL

Applications to PORTAL will be sent to students who have applied to the MD program and been invited for an interview.  For further information, please contact