How to Apply

You can apply to the Mount Sinai joint degree training program through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). You will receive a brief supplemental application form to complete that will allow you to more fully describe your reasons for applying and to indicate your specific areas of interest. We will use this information to select the most appropriate set of faculty to meet with you if you are invited to Mount Sinai for an interview.

In addition to meeting the minimum subject requirements for admission to the MD program, applicants must have significant research experience and must have taken advanced courses in the sciences.

Whereas most students are admitted into the first year of the joint-degree program, some students from our medical school join the program in their third year of training, after having developed a strong and focused interest in research.

We will contact you by e-mail if you are selected for an interview. Interviews are scheduled for October through January. The interview begins on a Monday afternoon and concludes the following afternoon. You will have the opportunity to meet with the program director and administrator, members of the admissions committee, multidisciplinary training area co-directors, faculty members of the School of Medicine and Graduate School, and current students. You will also be invited to attend a Medical Scientist Research Seminar.

The MD/PhD Admissions Committee evaluates all applications for admission. The committee considers such factors as undergraduate performance and courses taken, MCAT and, if available, GRE scores, and recommendations from research mentors and other faculty from the undergraduate period. The committee particularly looks for a commitment to and serious exposure to research.

Applicants who are accepted to the MD/PhD program or who are ranked highly on the wait list are encouraged to return to Mount Sinai for additional, relaxed opportunities to meet with faculty and students and to explore the features of the program that relate most closely to their interests. All offers of admission include financial support. A rolling system of admissions continues into the spring.

The AMCAS Application deadline is October 15th. The MD/PhD supplemental application deadline is December 1.

Important Dates

  • June 1, AMCAS application opens
  • October 15th, AMCAS application deadline
  • November 1st, AMCAS transcript deadline
  • December 1st, Supplemental application deadline
  • December 15th, Letters of recommendation deadline
  • April 30, accepted applicants decisions deadline
  • July 1, the MD/PhD program begins

Interview sessions:

  • October
  • November (2)
  • January (2)