Most of our students enter the MD/PhD training program having completed undergraduate and perhaps some graduate studies or postgraduate research/study. Mount Sinai medical students with significant research experience and demonstrated commitment to pursuing career as physician-scientists may also apply to the MD/PhD program in Year 2 (for entry into the program in Year 3). Most MD/PhD students enter the program in the "flexible entry" track.

While expressions of interest in particular training areas are important both for the recruitment/admissions process and for establishment of the best initial advisory committee, the program's flexibility allows the student freedom to explore research options during the research rotation period. Students interested in the PhD in neurosciences typically declare their interest from the start and pursue a neuroscience-specific training curriculum.

Mount Sinai offers a strong advisory system throughout the duration of the program. Each student selects a preclinical adviser from the moment of arrival. During the PhD phase of the program, each student retains his or her preclinical adviser but also assembles a PhD advisory committee.

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