The Mount Sinai MD/PhD training program features:

  • Diverse scientific research and clinical training opportunities in an outstanding and exciting environment, with a major focus in translational medicine
  • Integration of the graduate school curriculum into the preclinical years with research rotations, special seminars, journal club activities, and opportunities to complete the PhD Core requirement
  • Innovative MD/PhD-specific educational initiatives (e.g., a course designed to introduce the "nuts and bolts" of clinical investigation)
  • Strong ethics program
  • Flexible opportunities for clinical involvement during major research phase
  • Extensive clinical refresher program for students preparing to re-enter Medical School Year 3 (Clinical Clerkships) after a hiatus
  • Opportunities to teach or tutor in preclinical courses and journal clubs
  • Seminars featuring successful clinician-scientists, often program graduates, who represent various professional activities
  • Annual meetings with program leadership to evaluate the year's successes and failures and to discuss program features that might be further enhanced
  • Student participation in Graduate School and MD/PhD program steering and curriculum committees
  • Flexibility with respect to entry into clinical clerkships and the option of condensing the clinical training period to one and one-half years to accommodate completion of the research project.*

*Provided that students will have decided on their postgraduate specialty training and will have had adequate time for sub-internship

Clinical Integration
Clinical Integration

  • Clinical Case Discussions (CCD)
  • 3 Month Selective: “C/T Research in the Clinical Research Center”
  • Shadowing physicians your area of interest
  • East Harlem Outreach Program
  • Elective Medicine Clerkship
  • Clinical Refresher