Prospective Students

We are looking for students who have had sufficient exposure to research in biomedical sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, or engineering to have convinced them that the investigative mode with all its uncertainties, its need for fortitude and perseverance, and its moments of intense gratification is one which they wish to have as part of their professional lives.

Further, we seek students who have, through research, coursework, reading, and contemplation, decided that the research that they would like to pursue in their predoctoral training is in areas that have biomedical impact or connection. Finally, students' aptitudes and prior coursework should have provided a strong basis for building an even more sophisticated and more research-oriented level of mastery of biomedical sciences.

All applicants who are offered a position in the entering class are also offered a fellowship package that consists of a stipend ($33,500 for 2014-2015), the full cost of tuition, a comprehensive medical insurance package and subsidized guaranteed housing. A competitive travel fund is also available for eligible students. Students are encouraged to apply for individual predoctoral fellowships. The Graduate School offers a competitive bonus to students who are awarded an individual predoctoral fellowship. Students who progress satisfactorily through the program continue to receive financial support.