Mount Sinai’s MD/PhD admissions process follows a timeline similar to applications for the MD program. The application begins with a submission of the primary materials to the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS), wherein the applicant designates Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as a recipient and specifies interest in the MD/PhD program. Applying to MD/PhD programs via AMCAS will prompt the applicant to complete additional essays on reasons for pursuing the dual degree and their prior science research experience. Upon designating Mount Sinai, the applicant will also be asked to choose potential fields for the PhD (these choices are purely informational and not binding).

Once an AMCAS primary application is received by our MD/PhD admissions committee, we will send the applicant an email that includes instructions for completing an online supplemental application for our MSTP. This supplemental application allow you to more fully describe your reasons for applying to Mount Sinai and to indicate your specific areas of interest. We will also use this information to select the most appropriate set of faculty to meet with you if you are invited to Mount Sinai for an interview.

Please send all admissions materials, with the exception of the supplementary application, to AMCAS.  All letters of recommendation should be submitted to AMCAS via their letter reception services.  There is no need to send duplicate copies to our admissions office.

PhD Training Areas

Mount Sinai MSTP students enroll in PhD programs under one of the Multidisciplinary Training Areas (MTAs) of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. There are nine current areas representing therapeutically-relevant fields of contemporary biomedical research:

Research underneath each of these areas is often performed in collaboration with one of the Research Institutes of Mount Sinai. Completion of the program leads to conferral of a PhD degree in Neuroscience or Biomedical Sciences. The final choice of MTA is made after the admissions process is complete and the student has matriculated.


In addition to meeting the minimum subject requirements for admission to the MD program, applicants must have significant research experience and must have taken advanced courses in the sciences. Completion of the MD program also requires adherence to the technical standards for admission. Whereas most students are admitted into the first year of the joint-degree program, some students from our medical school join the program in their third year of training, after having developed a strong and focused interest in research—for more information, see Internal Admissions below.

International Applicants
International applicants are eligible to apply to our MD/PhD program. While these students will not be funded by the NIH MSTP grant, Mount Sinai will secure other sources of funding so that they receive the same stipend, tuition and support as all MD/PhD students.


The Mount Sinai MSTP conducts interviews throughout the admissions season, which typically begin in October and conclude in January. We interview approximately 70 students out of a pool of roughly 300 completed applications per season. The interview session typically begins on a Monday afternoon and concludes the following afternoon. You will have the opportunity to meet with the program director and administrator, members of the admissions committee, multidisciplinary training area co-directors, faculty members of the School of Medicine and Graduate School, and current students. You will also be invited to attend a Medical Scientist Research Seminar featuring presentations by Mount Sinai scientists and MSTP students.

Formal interviews will be conducted by four or five faculty from the Graduate School and the School of Medicine, and one advanced MSTP student. Interviewers will be selected based on the research interests specified on your Supplementary Application. You will be expected to discuss past scientific and clinical experiences, reasons for applying to dual degree programs, and notable aspects of your application.

What if I am not invited to interview?
Applications that are not selected for MSTP interviews will be routed to the Medical School Admissions to be considered for the MD-only program once the applicant makes that request to the MD/PhD Director. Decisions by the MD admissions committee are made independently from the MSTP decision.


Mount Sinai will cover some of the costs associated with staying in New York City while interviewing for the MSTP. Typically, we provide lodgings near the Mount Sinai campus and travel arrangements between the hotel and our campus for each day of the session; full details will be provided in your interview invitation. In addition, we host a dinner and a lunch for interviewees to allow them to meet current MSTP students and faculty, and provide breakfast for each morning of the session. Information on public transportation, maps of the Mount Sinai campus and a hotline number for directions are available online.

Admissions Decisions

The MD/PhD Admissions Committee evaluates all applications for admission. The committee considers such factors as undergraduate performance and courses taken, MCAT scores, and recommendations from research mentors and other faculty from the undergraduate period. The committee particularly looks for a commitment to and serious exposure to research.

Offers of admission and waitlist decisions will be made on a rolling basis midway and at the end of the interview season. All admission offers include a guaranteed stipend for the entirety of the program, coverage of all medical school tuition, an excellent medical insurance package, and access to subsidized on-campus housing. Details on the timeline of the decision will be provided to you at the conclusion of your interviews. We are able to matriculate approximately 12 students each year. Our offers are made contingent on an expectation that the student regularly updates our office on their current consideration of the offer against others that they may have received. Your ability to weigh your preference for programs will greatly facilitate the admissions process at Mount Sinai and other programs across the country.

Revisit Weekend

All accepted applicants and highly ranked waitlist applicants will be invited to attend the Graduate School Revisit Weekend, usually held in early April. Accepted applicants are also invited to the Medical School Revisit Weekend, held later in the month. These revisits will provide an opportunity for you to not only meet your potential future classmates but also visit research faculty with whom you may wish to rotate during the summer before matriculation. The admissions office is also pleased to coordinate individual second visits prior to the revisit weekend to help admitted applicants reach a more informed decision on their interest in Mount Sinai’s MSTP, and we will arrange itineraries with faculty at your request.

Internal Admissions

Students in the MD program at Mount Sinai can apply to the MD/PhD program. Successful students normally report such interest before matriculation in the MD program and should have demonstrated strong research interests. Current Mount Sinai medical students interested in the MSTP should contact the Program Director, Dr. Margaret Baron, for more information on application materials and deadlines.

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Important Dates

June 1st: AMCAS Application Opens

October 15th: AMCAS Primary Application Due

November 15th: MD/PhD Supplemental Application Due

April 30th: Final Matriculation Decision Due

Early July: MD/PhD Program Begins

Admissions decisions are made in mid-February.