Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (DTE)

cTIE Education combines the best of biology, engineering, design, and entrepreneurship to train a new group of scientists capable of taking their original biologic insights from the bench all the way through the product development process.

What is DTE

Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (DTE) is a new multidisciplinary training area (MTA) focused on education in the discovery, design, development, and delivery (4D) of technology-based solutions to critical biomedical problems.

Goal of DTE

To foster exploration and development of innovative technologies, models, designs, techniques, and methods that have the potential to substantially advance biomedical research by infusing principles and concepts from quantitative sciences to transform our understanding of biological, clinical, and translational sciences

Unique qualities of DTE

  • Problem-based interdisciplinary training in biological sciences, engineering design, and social sciences relevant to technology development

  • Focused hands-on DTE core curriculum

  • Advanced elective courses leverage academic and industrial partnerships

  • Strong research focus, combining the rigor of quantitative analysis and the creativity of engineering design and entrepreneurship with the power of biological scientific hypothesis testing, applied towards advancing basic and translational biomedical sciences

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Meet the Co-Director

Kevin Costa, PhD, was recruited to the Cardiovascular Research Center, where he is Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and Director of Cardiovascular Cell and Tissue Engineering.

Meet the Co-Director

James C. Iatridis, PhD, is Professor and Director of Spine Research in the Leni and Peter W. May Department of Orthopaedics at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Deadline for application is Dec. 1st.

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