Genetics and Genomic Sciences: Program Requirements

Genetics and Genomic Sciences (GGS) students must pass the core requirements and qualifying exams required by the school of Biological Sciences. GGS students must complete the first-year core curriculum requirements. GGS students must complete four additional advanced course credits, which can be chosen from the GGS advanced courses or other MTA advanced courses with permission from the GGS MTA director.

GGS students must satisfactorily complete two rotations before choosing a preceptor. Students must submit the Preliminary exam by October 1 of the second-year, and pass the oral exam by December 31 of the second-year. Students must write and defend the Thesis Proposal by December 31 of the third-year. Students must participate in the GGS journal club, as well as attend the GGS seminar series.

MD/PhD Students

The curriculum and requirements for MSTP students in the GGS program follow the general guidelines outlined by the Mount Sinai MD/PhD program, including the core requirements and qualifying exams for all GGS PhD students.