First Year - Fall First Year – Spring Second Year
Biomedical Sciences (BSR1012) Biomedical Sciences (BSR1013) Students need a total of 6 credits. At least three credits of advanced SMD courses and remainder credits from any advanced course recommended by the advisor and approved by the training area directors.2
Laboratory Rotation (BSR1006) Laboratory Rotation (BSR1007) Structural and Chemical Approaches to Molecular Design (BSR2108)
Responsible Conduct of Research (BSR1003) Introduction to Journal Club II (BSR1005)
Introduction to Journal Club I (BSR1004)   SMD Seminar and SMD Journal Club
Biostatistics (BSR1010) Translating Science (BSR1011) Independent Research

1 The Advisory Committee may recommend additional courses, based on the student’s needs and area of interest.

2 Examples of courses that can satisfy the second year course requirements:
Introduction to Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics (BSR1106)
Introduction to Computer Modeling of Macromolecules (BSR2104)
Cellular Physiology and Ion Channels (BSR2106)