SMD students come from diverse training backgrounds including mathematics, computer science, engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, and many more. This diversity is further enhanced by the multidisciplinary nature of research projects and training faculty. Many of our trainees come from quantitative backgrounds and get their first rigorous exposure to biological research during their PhD training at Mount Sinai. Conversely, students with more a biological background get the opportunity to obtain rigorous training in biophysical, chemical, and computational approaches to biological research. This multidisciplinary training in basic science is complemented by a strong biomedical research tradition at Mount Sinai.

PhD Program

Antonio Frasca (Year: 2010; Preceptors: Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD and Martin Walsh, PhD)

Marylens Hernandez (Year: 2009; Preceptor: Patrizia Casaccia, MD, PhD)


Sashank Karri (Year: 2012; Preceptor: TBD)


Dan Li (Year: 2013; Preceptor: TBD)


Matthew Pendleton (Year: 2011; Preceptor: Ali Bashir, PhD)


Charudatta Navare (Year:2013; Preceptor: TBD)

Chunyan Ren (Year: 2009; Preceptor: Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD)


Adam Schaffner (Year: 2011; Preceptors: Iban Ubarretxena, PhD and Zhenyu Yue, PhD)


Steven Smith (Year: 2011; Preceptor: Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD)


Jun Tang (Year: 2008; Preceptor: Zahi Fayad, PhD)


John Tseng (Year: 2012; Preceptor: TBD)



MD/PhD Program


Rajal Sharma (Year: 2010; Preceptors: Ming-Ming Zhou, PhD and Martin Walsh, PhD)