Grand Rounds

GR Title: "2013 AAMC Annual Meeting Review"

January 24, 2014
Event Date: 1-8-14

Peter Gliatto, MD
Reena Karani, MD, MHPE
Valerie Parkas, MD
Michelle Sainte
David Thomas, MD, MHPE
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

- Describe the most recent updates and innovations in medical education presented at the national AAMC annual meeting.
- Give examples of the core entrustable professional activities for entering residency as proposed by the AAMC.
- Describe ways in which student affairs functions can successfully collaborate with development, marketing, and alumni relations.
- Identify the various resources made available by the AAMC for benchmarking, research, and comparative data sets.
- Define implementation science and how it relates to medical education across the continuum.
- Identify strategies needed to move implementation science into the educational process.

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