Eye Care

Kress Vision Program
New York Downtown Hospital
170 William Street New York, New York 10038-2649
Services: Free vision screenings, free glasses, free prescriptions, free visits to ophthalmologist.
Eligibility: for people who are uninsured, or haven't seen an eye doctor in over a year, or can't afford care. Program does not cover things like eye drops - only optometry services.
Appointments: Schedule a month in advance. Runs every 3 weeks out of NY Downtown
Cost: Free

New Eyes for the Needy
17 E. 102nd St, 5th floor (EHHOP Opthalmology Clinic)
Services: Provides vouchers to low-income individuals for free eyeglasses . Takes up to one month to process and typically covers only the cost of a basic pair of single or lined bifocal eyeglasses.
Eligibility: You must have had a recent eye exam, and have no other resources available to pay for glasses (from federal/state programs, or charitable organizations).
To Apply: You should work with a social/case worker to submit an application.