Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Clinical Research Fellowship (CRF) Program for Medical Students


DDCRF Class of 2004-2005


Karina Arbatova

Mentor: Scott Friedman, MD
Department of Medicine/ Division of Liver Diseases
Project: The Effect of KLF 6 Level on Apoptotic Threshold in Human Cancer Cell Lines


Roopali Bansal

Mentor: Steven Itzkowitz, MD
Department of Medicine/Gastroenterology
Project: Inflammation as a Risk Factor for Colorectal Cancer in Ulcerative Colitis


James Celestin

Mentor: Jack Gorman, MD
Department of Psychiatry
Project: Pilot Study of Atomoxetine to Enhance Cognition in Patients with Schizophrenia


Stephanie Diamantis

Mentor: Huachen Wei, MD, PhD
Department of Dermatology
Project: Genistein: Protection against Photodamage and Photoaging?


Sarju Patel

Mentor: Marla Keller, MD
Department of Medicine/Infectious Diseases
Project: Evaluating the Efficacy of Candidate Topical Microbicides in Seminal Fluid


David Reichstein

Mentor: John Danias, MD, PhD
Department of Ophthalmology
Project: The Expression of Ceruloplasmin and C1q mRNA in Glaucomatous Retinas


Matthew Wosnitzer

Mentor: Paul Klotman, MD
Department of Medicine/Nephrology
Project: Diubiquitin, a Novel Candidate Gene in the Pathogenesis of HIV-associated Nephropathy