Summer Research Programs

The Summer Research Scholars Program:

  • Can be in basic science, clinical science, translational science, epidemiology, health policy, health outcomes, health economics or other approved areas

  • Occurs during the eight-week summer intersession

The PRISM (Patient Research in Science and Medicine) Program is:

  • A CTSA-sponsored program that focuses on clinical-translational research. Participants are required to attend the Summer Course in Clinical Research sponsored by CePORTED (Center for Patient Oriented Research Training and Leadership). Students earn a certificate in Clinical Research, suitable for framing, upon successful completion of the course.

Funding for Summer Research

  1. Funds in the amount of $3,000 are available on a competitive basis to support the work of students who do summer research.

  2. With rare exceptions, students may accept only one source of funding for a single project. In no case can two sources of funding pay for the same expenses.

  3. Students may only carry out one project and must work full-time.

  4. Two students may not work on the exact same project, but they may collaborate on different parts of a larger project with prior approval by the mentor and the Associate Dean for Medical Student Research.

  5. To apply for funding, submit a 300 word abstract on your project, using electronic submission via Blackboard and a copy of the a signed mentor's support form by March 3, 2014, to the The abstract should include a title, your name, your mentor's name, and his/her department. Although students should work on this with their faculty mentor, the student must write the abstract himself or herself.

  6. Projects qualifying for funding are eight weeks in length. Please remember, applicants for funding program must also submit FAFSA forms to Financial Aid by April 21, 2014, in order to be eligible for funding. Further information on FAFSA forms can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

  7. All funded students commit to participating in Medical Student Research Day in November. Abstracts for Research Day are due on November 10, 2014. Complete instructions are available on Blackboard at the Medical Student Research Office course site. As part of their funding Levinson students commit to submitting a five-page report on their projects by August. Guidelines for preparing a final report are available here.