Quality Control at The Morchand Center

The growing awareness in the medical community that humanistic health care should be practiced by everyone involved with patients has led The Morchand Center to expand its programming to include interns, residents, fellows, nursing staff and many others. Regardless of who the learner is, the primary emphasis is on respectful and compassionate communication as a critical component of quality health care.

To ensure reliable evaluation, The Morchand Center implements Rater and Inter-Rater Reliability reviews of all of our Standardized Patients (SPs). Using a rigorously administered assessment of our own employees we monitor our SPs' performances and evaluations of learners to assure their consistency, accuracy and reliability. Areas evaluated include:

  • Accuracy and Consistency of Physical Portrayals

  • Appropriateness of Historical Data Supplied During Performance

  • Accuracy/Appropriateness of Overall Affect/Demeanor in Performance

  • Consistency of Portrayals Amongst SPs Playing the Same Case

  • Consistency of One SP's Portrayal of the Same Case from Encounter to Encounter

  • Accuracy of an SP's Evaluations Compared to a Gold Standard

The Center is available as a resource for all metropolitan area medical schools. For more information, read more about our programs.

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What are Standardized Patients?

At The Morchand Center Standardized Patients, or SPs, are experienced, professional actors who are specially trained to simulate the signs and symptoms of an illness, in simulated doctor-patient encounters, and to provide feedback to medical learners. Actors pass a rigorous audition process to become SPs at The Morchand Center. In addition to being trained to assess medical learners, SPs are routinely assessed themselves to assure they are delivering consistent, accurate and standardized portrayals, and reliable ratings of trainees.