New Models for Clinical Education: Teaching to Care for the Chronically Ill: The InterACT Program

A look at the Interclerkship Ambulatory Care Track (InterACT), which provides select third-year medical students at Icahn School of Medicine with a longitudinal clinical experience grounded in the foundations of ambulatory medicine and chronic illness care.

 – April 21, 2014  –– 

In 2010 we challenged ourselves to create a longitudinal-integrated clerkship at an urban tertiary medical center - something that several institutions like ours had tried and terminated or ultimately never launched. Incorporating several unique venues at the Icahn School of Medicine such as a student-run free clinic and an adult and pediatric home visit program, we aimed to expose a select group of third-year medical students to the rewards and challenges of caring for the chronically ill in diverse ambulatory settings. We created a clerkship very different from our parent models—a more hybrid structure embedding weeks of high immersion ambulatory care within the existing block-based clinical curriculum. Our clerkship, titled InterACT, offers students an unparalleled experience in which they partner with patients, physicians and health care teams to achieve an enhanced understanding of advocacy and primary care for vulnerable and chronically ill persons within and beyond the healthcare system. Learn more.