New York Daily News - Daily Checkup: Men's Health Month

Dr. David C. Thomas discusses the importance of regular checkups for men as part of Men's Health Month.

 – June 23, 2013  –– 

Professor of Medicine at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Dr. David C. Thomas is a general internist who treats patients for everything under the sun, from colds and flu to diabetes. It's conventional wisdom that getting men into the doctor's office is like pulling teeth — 30 percent of all young men haven't visited a doctor in the past year, and another 9 million American men haven't seen a doctor in five years. "Starting after age 18, all men should regularly visit a physician as part of their basic health maintenance," says Dr. Thomas. "By taking the simple step of being monitored by a physician who can track things like blood pressure and cancer screening, you can prevent diseases like heart disease and colorectal cancer before they start." Learn more.