The New York Daily News - Central Park Now a Danger Zone for Pedestrians as News Finds 16 Cyclists Breaking 25 Mph Limit on Their Speeding Road Bike

Central Park — once the city’s most pedestrian-friendly oasis — has become a danger zone where folks on foot have to dodge speeding bicyclists who treat roads like Olympic velodromes.

 – August 8, 2012  –– 

Emergency room doctors at The Mount Sinai Medical Center say they’re constantly seeing patients hit by bikes — many of them from Central Park accidents. "We are in the highest risk zip code," said Dr. Adam Vella, director of Mount Sinai's pediatric emergency room — just across the street from the park on Fifth Ave. at 99th St. "If the bike goes over the toddler, we can see liver and spleen lacerations," said Vella, who said that head and neck injuries are common among kids hit by bikes. Learn more.