USA Today – Chance Of Surgery, Care Quality Vary By Region

A new report looks closely at 23 medical centers, including many of the top-rated hospitals for clinical excellence by U.S. News and World Report and other leading hospitals affiliated with universities.

 – October 30, 2012  –– 

The study was done to help medical students decide where to do their residencies, but it also helps consumers better understand how their local hospitals differ from the norm. Patients at NYU Langone Medical Center were 47 times less likely to get an infection from a urinary catheter than patients at the University of Michigan Health System, for example. The Mount Sinai Medical Center had the second lowest. David Muller, MD, dean for medical education at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, says the population of patients a hospital treats – that is, whether they are low income and already in poor health – can have a lot to do with whether a patient contracts an infection and can recover fully from it. The report's rates were adjusted for age, race and gender using the U.S. Medicare population as the standard. Learn more.