MD Program FAQs

Q: What courses are required for admission? Is there a lab requirement?

A: Students are required to have one year of college credit in each of the following areas: Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English. The mathematics requirement can be fulfilled by statistics or computer science courses. Biology and chemistry courses must be accompanied by laboratory experience.

Q: Can I take my courses at a community college, or must I take them at a four-year college or university?

A: We have no requirement, however, the Admissions Committee considers not only what courses an applicant takes, but where the courses are taken.

Q: I haven't completed one of the required courses. Can I still apply?

A: Yes. However, should you be offered an acceptance, it will be contingent upon the successful completion of all requirements prior to matriculation.

Q: Can I visit the school and/or speak with an admissions counselor?

A: Individual visits are only arranged for applicants who have been invited for an interview. We do not provide admissions counseling. Applicants should speak with the premedical advisors at their home institutions.

Q: Do you accept transfer students?

A: Applications for transfer into the second, third, and fourth year classes are no longer accepted.

Q: What are the oldest MCAT scores you accept?

A: The oldest MCAT scores considered for the entering class of 2012 are scores from 2009.

Q: How do I receive a fee waiver for my supplemental application?

A: Fee waivers are only granted to individuals who have been granted AAMC Fee Assistance Program approval. If this approval is indicated on your AMCAS application, it will automatically appear when you complete the online Supplemental Application.

Q: How selective is Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai? 

A: Icahn School of Medicine, being a highly competitive institution, receives 5000 completed applications for the 140 positions in its entering class. Students accepted into the Class of 2011 had an average GPA of 3.7 and average MCAT of 35.

Q: How many letters of recommendation do I need to submit?

A: Letters of recommendation will only be accepted through AMCAS. We require a letter of recommendation from your Premedical Advisory Committee. Individual recommendations from professors who taught you (one Science and one Non-Science) will be acceptable substitutes only if your school does not have a Premed Committee.

Q: What are the tuition and fees?

A: Fees

Tuition annual (resident & nonresident) $39,652
Application fee (nonrefundable) $105
Deposit fee to hold place in class None
Student activities fee $100
General fee $1,500
Medical Coverage (individual only) $3,630

Family and dependent coverage is available.

Other Expenses (estimated)

Room and board (average per year)


Books and supplies, per year $2,245
Equipment (one time expense, first year) $735

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to revise all fees, including tuition.

Q: Are applicants who are residents of New York State treated differently from nonresidents?

A: No distinction is made between applicants on the basis of their state of residency either in admission criteria or in fees.

Q: Are students guaranteed housing?

A: Housing is available for single students in the Jane B. Aron Residence Hall on 98th Street. Aron Hall's furnished suites accommodate more than 600 residents. On a space available basis there is also housing for married couples, domestic partners, and families in other Mount Sinai-owned buildings in the neighborhood.

Q: If I get accepted to Icahn School of Medicine through regular admissions, can I still apply to the MSTP (MD/PhD program) in my second year?

A: While most MSTP students initially apply to the School for this program, our students do have the opportunity to apply for the program during their second year of medical school.