Mount Sinai Innovation Partners (MSIP)

MSIP encourages the development of new technologies on campus and facilitates the transfer of scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs to the public through commercial channels. Its activities include managing patent applications, negotiating license and material transfer (MTA) agreements and executing confidentiality agreements.

MSIP welcomes inquiries and postdocs are encouraged to seek information on the website or to contact the office directly. All discoveries do not need patents, but early evaluation of an idea by MSIP is important as patents need to be filed prior to the public presentation of an idea. Commercializing an idea can have major benefits including a more streamlined process of bringing an idea to the public and revenue to support research. As a consequence of your appointment to Mount Sinai, you must abide by certain policies and procedures related to the ownership and commercialization of intellectual property. Please contact MSIP for details.